Meteor Street

Feature Film, Germany, 2016


World Premiere - Berlin International Film Festival 2016

Nomination Best First Feature Film 2016

Nomination German Film Music Award in the category Upcoming Talent 2016

Director: Aline Fischer
Production: credo:film GmbHrbb/MBB
Funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Leuchstoff Ausschreibung


Mohammed is 18. Having fled from the war in Lebanon to Germany, he is now trying to find his way in a world of men: there is the gruff boss of the motorbike garage where he helps out; the co-worker who tells stories of his experiences in the Foreign Legion; and above all Lakhdar (27), his eccentric and reckless brother. The two live without their parents in the dilapidated former family home in Berlin Tegel. Planes constantly thunder overhead. Between a precarious work situation and the hope for an apprenticeship, between heroic stories about comradeship from his co-workers and his own memories of war, between the good and increasingly mad ravings and words of advice from his brother, the young Palestinian has to ask himself the question: what does it actually mean to be a man?