5th Age

Serial Trailer and Scene Selection, Germany, 2016

5th Age good quality.jpg

Director: Jan Mocka, Ingo Monitor
Production: MockaMonitor UG


The 5th Age is based on the original idea by Ingo Monitor and Jan Mocka. Developed in cooperation with screenwriters Lucas Flasch and Johannes Rothe, the series tells the story of maverick girl Loni, who is determined to save her beloved protégé after everything is taken from her. Embarking on a perilous odyssey, she stands up against the terrors of post-collapse Europe, realizing she has to mend the wounds of her past if she is to shape a hopeful future.

The promotional teaser features Jana Pallaske, Wilfried Hochholdinger, Milton Welsh, Carolin von der Groben, Jeffrey Mittleman, Ingrid Mülleder, Julius Nitschkoff, Chris Karven-Veres, Davide Brizzi, Frederik Schmid, Lars Mocka, Kirishan Selvarajah, Carl Vogt, Frederik Funke, Selam Tadese, Periklis Moissidis, Pascal Roelofse and Anna Zschommler.

The production was supported by post perfect vision & sound and Camelot Broadcast Services.

The 5th Age was featured as one of the eight selected projects of the international pitch at the C21 London Drama Summit 2017.